Expired Syllabus Policy



As a general policy, VCM tries to be as generous as possible to candidates who have begun work using an existing syllabus when it is replaced by a revised one.


Candidates who have started work using an existing syllabus can

continue to use it, within reason, until they are successful at the relevant examination. Even if they are unsuccessful at the exam, they can re-enter using the same syllabus.


However, all new candidates, starting on a course leading to an exam, should be taught according to the new revised syllabus.


What is not acceptable, however, is a mix-match:  for example, scales from an old syllabus and solo pieces from a new one.


Every effort should be made to teach candidates from the most recent syllabus, because we try to address anomalies as we revise requirements.



Where old and the new syllabuses have different mark schemes, it is essential that you advise VCM at the time of entry which syllabus you are using. Ideally, state "Old Syllabus" on the entry form if appropriate. This is vital so that the correct report form is issued to the examiner