Musicianship Tests.

For all practical music examinations Musicianship Tests are now only required for Grades 1 to 8; not medal or Diploma examinations.

At all Grade examinations candidates may also substitute an Own Composition in place of the Musicianship Tests.  This option was previously only available at Grade 5, 6 and 7 but now can be used at all Grades 1 to 8 inlusive.


Playing from memory is no longer compulsory at any VCM practical music examination.  However, credit will be given to candidates who choose to play from memory.  In such cases the candidate must hand the copy to the Examiner.

Jeffery Tillett 4.12.27- 4.4.08

Our Director of Examinations, Dr Jeffery Tillett, died on Friday 4 April 2008, peacefully and in his own home as he had wished, aged 80. 

He had been progressively ill for over three years, losing gradually his mobility, his eyesight and at the last, his power of speech.  He never lost his interest in the activities of the VCM nor his keen sense of humour.

Jeffery was associated with the College for nearly 60 years and played the vital role of rescuing it from post war decline in the 1950s, by investing his own time and money.  He lived to see VCM  thrive to become the flourishing organisation it is today.

His duties of Director of Examinations have been assumed by our Chief Executive, Robin Wood, who was both Jeffery’s business partner and Civil Partner.

JOHN CHADWICK 14.8.30-21.3.08

John Chadwick, a much-loved examiner has also passed away. 

John had taken every possible diploma available in Music as well as Speech and Drama, so no one could say that he did not know what it was to be a candidate. 

John was a popular examiner at many UK centres as well as in Ireland and Malta.  Often, centres specifically requested that he return time after time.  His last examination session was as recent as December 2007 at the Blackpool centre.

His funeral took place on Monday 7th April at his home town of Oldham in Lancashire.