How To Enter

Local Centres
Victoria College exams are held at locally based centres throughout the UK, Irish Republic and a number of other countries.  These centres are organised under a network of Local Secretaries.
To find details of your local centre, email  giving your full postal address.

Special visits
Our examiners also visit schools and private teachers’ studios where the total entry justifies the expense.

Dates of exams are normally set by mutual agreement two months in advance.  Entries and fees must be received by Local Secretaries or the College six weeks in advance.

Fees are revised annually on 1 January and may be paid by cheque (payable to Victoria College Examinations) in Pounds Sterling, Euro, or Sri Lankan Rupees; sent through the post with entries. Payment can be made by bank transfer (email for bank details).  We can also invoice you by PayPal.  The current table of exam fees can be downloaded from this website by clicking on the “forms & fees” tab.

Entry forms
Entry forms are available free on request or can be downloaded and copied from this website by clicking on the “forms & fees” tab
The data used on entry forms is directly used on the certificates of successful candidates, therefore it is vital to spell names correctly at this stage.  Teachers’ names should include any degrees and/diplomas they wish to see included.


Entries can also be submitted by email using the Excel Spreadsheet and attaching it to an email to